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Accounts Payable services

In this competitive business world, maintaining a strong relationship with the vendors is a must-have. Vendors are one of the very important players for a company’s success and Velan is aware of that. Accounts payables can affect your vendor relationships, and cash saving policies which will in turn have a direct impact on the overall profitability of your enterprise.

Velan has efficient AP services to optimize your working capital, enable long-term affable vendor relationship, and uphold initiatives for cash savings to maximize profits. Velan’s accounts payable services combine state-of-the-art technology, analytics, and transformation solutions to obtain accurate results. Velan accounts payable services encompass end-to-end AP process. Our skillful team can provide complete solution to the AP process.

Velan’s Accounts Payable services

facilitates customers success by rendering key benefits, like:

  • Changing the A/P (P2P) unit into Profit Center.
  • Increasing Productivity.
  • Decreasing Processing Costs.
  • Increasing customers’ Working Capital through Better Management.
  • Better Internal and Regulatory Controls.
  • Invoices are made visible 100% within one day.
  • Quick period closes, approvals, and rendering thorough reports on accruals.


  • Manage critical cash flow trends.
  • Identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers and achieve greater cost savings.
  • Avoid paying late penalties and jeopardizing your credit rating.
  • Utilize vendor discounts.
  • Implement standard operating procedures for handling vendor payments.
  • Make on time vendor payments.
  • Prevent duplicate payments.

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