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About Us

Velan Info Services is in the 10th year of offering business process services to customers across the globe. We are passionate about enhancing the operational efficiency of our clients through innovative ideas using state-of-the-art technology. Managing the Account Payables is one of the most critical tasks for a thriving business. We work like your own extended office and ensure that you focus on your core business. We follow a straightforward approach when it comes to deliveries and this has helped us retain our clients and build our business through their referrals.

Our Mission and Vision

"To assist our customers in increasing the operational efficiency of their technology resources and minimize their operational expenses."

Velan is committed to delivering reliable and quality customer service. Velan believes in growing with our customers, driven by long-term partnerships with our customers, employees, and vendors - based on strong values of integrity and trust. We measure our success by our satisfied clients as well as our employees.

Our Team and Culture

To be a successful business service provider, the first thing you need to have is a skilled team which gives great attention to details, flair to work with the ever changing technology, and the desire to bring a client’s complex idea to reality. At Velan, we are keen in recruiting people with the said skills. We have teams composed of vibrant professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent services.

Once people are recruited, they are trained according to the needs of our clients. At Velan, we ensure that our folks have a stable working environment conducive for productive results. Our teams work very hard and indulge in recreations to keep their minds relaxed. We keep our team members happy and relaxed which has resulted in having satisfied clients.


Velan is committed to providing reliable services to our customers by:

  • Proactively understanding their requirements.
  • Continually enhancing employee skills, achieving process excellence, and utilizing relevant technology.
  • Communicating our goals and objectives to every employee.
  • Measuring and continually improving the effectiveness using QMS standards.

Velan is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are in compliance with the rules and regulations of ISO to provide consistent top quality services to our clients. This also renders a lot of confidence to our clients that all their transactions and data are processed and maintained very safely and accurately.

Data Security

We understand the significance of securing customers financial data in all phases of operations.

We take utmost care to protect customer property not only in the product realization process but also in storage and logistics.

We follow and adopt various security safeguards such as physical safeguards, administrative safeguards and technical safeguards, thereby ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Physical Safeguards

  • Manned Security Desk
  • Restricted Entry to Central Repository (File Server)
  • Lockers and Safe Vault

Administrative Safeguards

  • Employee Background/Credibility Check Procedures
  • Termination Clearance Procedures
  • Periodic Compliance Audits

Technical Safeguards

  • Firewall to protect intrusion and web security
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Encrypted Data Transmission


Velan has built-in redundancy for all mission critical resources. Multiple internet links with firewall & antivirus system, captive power generator, uninterrupted power supply system and stand-by systems along with branded computers and structured networks allow us to deliver uninterrupted service round the clock.

Velan takes utmost care for the data processed by strict adherence to security standards. Non-disclosure agreement imposed on all the employees, access restriction to duplicating devices and 24x7 manned-securities are some of the administrative, physical, and technical safety measures in place.

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